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The Group was founded in Samara in 2007, when the first company of the Group was registered under the name “International Educational Centre “OPTIMA STUDY”. The centre was established by a team of professional advisors on education abroad with many years of experience in educational services. Since then, the “OPTIMA STUDY” Group of companies has been developing rapidly, opening new areas of work and expanding the geography of its operation. The variety of activities ensures the sustainability of our business.

Today the “OPTIMA STUDY” Group of companies includes 6 companies:

• International Educational Centre "OPTIMA STUDY", education abroad.
• Language School “OPTIMA STUDY”, established in 2015.
• Exhibition Company “OPTIMA EXPO”, established in 2011, focuses on International exhibitions and fairs covering the following areas: education, real estate, medicine etc.
• Federal Bilingual Magazine “BEYOND BORDERS” has been coming out since 2011. Unique Russian edition published bilingually and dedicated to international cooperation in the spheres of education, medicine, culture, sports, and tourism. The magazine is focused both on Russian and international readers as well: part of our materials is published in English. Informational and Analytical Portal “BEYOND BORDERS” was launched in 2015.
• International Healthcare Centre “OPTIMA MED” was established in 2015. It specializes in organizing diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in the leading clinics of Western Europe and Asia.
• Media Corporation “RUs TV” has been producing documentary and educational films and broadcasts, presentational and commercial videos since 2011.

Each company of the Group operates on the basis of state licenses, accreditations, in full accordance with the current rules and standards, and observes the world quality standards and business ethics principles. Our excellent business permutation, which has stood the test of time, allows us to maintain close relations with the state authorities and carry out large-scale projects all over Russia.

The head office of the “OPTIMA STUDY” Group of companies is located in Samara, branch offices operate in a number of Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan.

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